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About Style & The City

Style & the City began as the fashion blog of photographer Kamel Lahmadi. To grow his business he teamed up with a graphic designer, mobile app developer, marketer, and content strategist to help him upgrade his image and enter the world of mobile apps. I was brought in to design a website to showcase the startup's new app for a funding competition as well as to help spread awareness and excitement for what was coming to fans of Lahmadi's blog.

App Preview

While currently holding temporary images, soon this slideshow will boast app screenshots.

Arriving at the Aesthetic

To convey the new face of the brand, I used generous spacing, refined typography, and new color palette. Since the logo was provided to me, I had a starting point with the font Abraham Lincoln. To convey a sense of style, I used very simple shapes and an emphasis on strong lines as well as a thin typeface.

Organizing the Content

The primary goal was to get people to sign up to be notified when the app becomes available. This took front-and-center priority with a nearly full-screen hero image. Second priority was to show off the app itself, accomplished through a slideshow embedded in an iphone mockup and some large thumbnail photos.

Team Profiles

One of the site goals was to introduce the new team to existing users and to the board of judges in the competition.

We still wanted to ensure that existing visitors would feel comfortable with the change, so we highlighted the values of the group and showed how the app release would increase the value and quality of the service. A gallery of photos demonstrating Lahmadi's quality photography boldly dominates the lower portion of the page, and in conclusion there are short bios for each of the people involved in this next phase of the service.

What I Learned

I had never designed a site to look "elegant" before, and that was a really good experience for me. Space and typography changed dramatically to give a hightened appearance of luxury and unique design elements like having the page scroll over the landing splash gave it an extra sense of uniqueness. This was also my first one-page style site and that introduced its own design challenges.

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